Advanced Threat Protection & Analysis Solution

Strong security defense and advanced threat analysis platform driven by big data and threat intelligence


What is Advanced threat?

Cyber-threats targeting corporations and organizations are evolving. Their purposes are no longer just infection and destruction. Over the last few years, cyber-threats have become more sophisticated and persistent. The motivation behind the attacks is increasingly financial or political—with more serious consequences for the targeted victims, i.e, Ransomware. The attacks take advantageous of phishing or zero-day exploits, and can often bypass the tradtional Anti-Virus solutions based on static signatures.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is particularly dangerous for enterprises, as hackers are highly targeted and the attack methods are extremely sophisticated. We need more than just blocking the threat, but to know about the threat. Who is attacking? How attack starts? How to defend?

Maldun Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enforces security

Maldun ATP can be integrated into existing security products through API, to increase defense effectiveness. Or it can be implemented as an independent advanced threat analysis products to ope with the increasingly complex and more aggressive threats, defending malware that traditional Anti-virus solutions can’t detect, helping security teams to get in-depth threat analysis data and to enforce security policies. Maldun ATP can be delivered as SaaS Threat Analysis Cloud, or through traditional hardware appliance.

Shorten threat detection time

  • Identify unknown threats efficiently and accurately
  • In-depth threat analysis, dynamic correlation of threat factors

Speed up threat response time

  • Prioritize threat response
  • Automatic analysis to fasten the process, and save the resources
  • Optimize security efficiency

Evaluate and predict threat variants

  • Threat analysis with standard reports, visual tools, similarity distance, and network geolocation information
  • Help customers analyze threat evolvement and damages

Traditional Anti-Virus solution

  • Can't indentify threat
  • No signature to stop C&C callbacks
  • See normal network traffic, can't correlate threats

Maldun ATP

  • Maldun ATP identifies threats by real-time behavior analysis and recognition
  • Maldun ATP blocks C&C callbacks through real-time network reputation analysis
  • Confirm the attack and share the intel to other customers through Maldun CTI
  • track, analyze, categorize, and retrospect threats