SaaS Email, Network and Content Security Solutions

Cloud Delivered Service, Lightweight Threat Analysis & Prevention


Effective Threat Defense

Maldun Security is dedicated to providing On-Premise/SaaS security solutions for enterprises, to help enterprises protect network, email and other threat entrances; analyze files, URLs and other threat factors; generate and dig threat intelligence.

Maldun Security provides Secure DNS (SDNS), Email Security Cloud (ESC), Threat Analysis Cloud (TAC) and other SaaS cloud delivered products. These products and services can be used independently, or integrated, building a stronger threat defense network. Advanced threats are often difficult for standalone product to defend, our cloud security solutions that intergrates SDNS, ESC, TAC can detect and correlate threats from multi-dimensions, identify and detect threats faster and more accurately. In addition, multi-angle infomation can help users generate effective threat intelligence, help companies identify security vulnerabilities, and enforce security policies.

Flexible Deployment

MALDUN Security is all about providing efficient security solutions. Maldun SaaS products are flexible and can be deployed rapidly. With low management and maintenance cost, and high performance as well as highly customized policy and control, we ensure maximum use of security budgets, and we increase efficiency of security team and employees.

Maldun Security-As-A-Service(SaaS) products can be integrated with other products, enhance the defense framework without adding latency or networkcomplexity. Maldun SaaS could leverages all the threat data, learn and analyze the data, to generate threat intelligence and to establish better defense.

Anti-Spam and Email Security Solution

Maldun Email Security Cloud (ESC) is the next generation Email security solution, which is different from most of the existing Anti-Spamproducts. Besides adaptive sender reputation and strong Anti-Spam engine, ESC is built to protect against advanced threats. It also provides rich data for users to analyze email theats and intelligence.


Endpoint Network Security Solution

Maldun Secure DNS (SDNS) provides endpoint protection against Internet threats at the DNS layer. It is a simplified security solution for end users and mobile/IOT devices. SDNS blocks suspicious connections and callbacks to C&C servers, and provides rich features to build unified access policies and generate threat intel.


Advanced Threat Protection & Analysis Solution

Threats are evolving and enterprises have to think from attacker's perspective to build effective defense. Maldun Threat Analysis Cloud (TAC) triggers the threat in a contained environemnt and monitors the threat behaviors. TAC provides threat rating, deep threat report and intelligence to help security team or engineers analyzing the threat factors.